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i'm writing you a chorus

and here is your verse..

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Welcome to robo_tek!
We're a rating community based on:
25% brains
50% pizazz
25% looks


01. Mods word=The law.
02. Everything is friends only.
03. Idiots need not apply.
04. Don't start fights. Start debates.
05. No one here tolerates that "scener-than-thou" attitude, keep it for your lame venues and trendy friends.
06. We don't give a shit about your self-pity. Don't bring it here.
07. Remember, the people here aren't MEAN. They're HONEST.
08. Put "purple bafoomado i see you!" in the subject line, to show you've read the rules.
09. Please provide us with a 100x100 picture of yourself for the member's page.
10. Do NOT promote your "omg how hot am i!?!?!" communities here. if you choose to go against this rule, you will be banned.

Meet the Mods
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sexxiunderpants rocks: the early november, daphne loves derby & the juliana theory
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__lillapeed rocks:the moldy peaches,strong arm & pink floyd


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